Hire Virtual Assistant Services

What Exactly Is A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an administrative and/or technical assistant who works at a remote location to support you in achieving your business (and personal) objectives.

You can think of your Virtual Assistant as your secretary or personal assistant who is here to help you with any tasks that do not require your phyiscal presence. This can include anything from data entry & research, to schedule management & customer support, to complete outsourcing of your back-office staff requirements.

Remember: as long as it doesn’t require your physical presence, we can do it!

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

One of the most common reasons people hire a Virtual Assistant is cost. By using a skilled work-force from a country with lower cost-of-living, and therefore, lower wages, you can save significantly when compared to hiring someone to complete the same tasks locally.

However, cost is only a small part of the appeal of working with a Virtual Assistant. An often overlooked, but at least as important benefit is scalability. Especially by working with a company like AdminBetter, with an established & trained workforce, skillfully managed by our local Quality Assurance teams, you can rest assured if you need output capacity at only a moment’s notice, fulfillment is just a phone call (or email) away.

What Kind Of Tasks Can My Virtual Assistant(s) Do For Me?

As you may have noticed, we tend to divide Virtual Assistant tasks into a few main categories, namely:

  • Data entry, research, and administrative support tasks (your “Virtual Personal Assistant”)
  • Customer service & client relationship management
  • Comprehensive back-office outsourcing & labor arbitrage

In other words, your Virtual Assistants can do anything your local support staff might do (as long as it doesn’t require someone’s physical presence). However, just because we divide the concept up this way does not mean you are limited to assigning your Virtual Assistants these types of tasks. For instance, we have an entire Virtual Assistant solution devoted exclusively to the unique needs & requirements of the Real Estate Industry.

When it comes right down to it, the tasks you can assign to your Virtual Assistants are really only limited by your imagination!

If there are any day-to-day tasks in your business or personal life that you’d simply like to free yourself from doing, in all likelihood we can find a way to help. Plus, since our Virtual Assistant hourly rates are highly affordable, you can constantly experiment with new ways to employ them to find unique applications that will better serve you in your unique situation. Plus, your personal Virtual Concierge is always available to brainstorm new possibilities for you to get the most out of our Virtual Assistant services every step of the way.

I See The Value In Hiring A Virtual Assistant … Now What?

If you have any lingering questions on exactly how to use our service, please contact us (or chat with us live on the site) to find out exactly how we might be able to help.

And remember: the first step is to request a free outsourcing consultation. Regardless of your specific requirements, we’ll help you figure out the best way to use Virtual Assistants in your business – with no commitment or obligation to proceed.