Telemarketing Services

Are Telemarketing Or Call Center Services Right For Me?

For any business, there are an array of Pro’s and Con’s to outsourced telemarketing services and lead generation tasks. At AdminBetter, we provide outbound telemarketing services as well as inbound call center support at the same hourly rates of all our other Virtual Staffing solutions. This sets us apart from most outsourced call centers, providing you a uniquely affordable & modular solution for all your telephone sales needs.

PROS: Here are some advantages to AdminBetter’s Telemarketing Virtual Assistants (compared to hiring an in-house staff or other outsourced call center solution):

  • Cost effective & reliable way to generate a steady flow of inbound sales leads
  • Significantly more affordable than hiring a dedicated in-house telemarketing staff
  • All our Telemarketing VAs have at least 2-4 years call center experience making cold calls
  • No minimum investments (while most call centers require several thousand dollar commitments)
  • Applicable to most businesses, whether you have a website, brick-and-mortar location, both, or neither!
  • Includes complementary training of your Virtual Teams so you needn’t worry about scripts
  • Established software & hardware infrastructure will eliminate your set-up costs and technical issues
  • Easily scale up to meet increasing call volume or scale back to cut costs if budgets are tight

CONS: While AdminBetter provides some of the most flexible Telemarketing solutions available, what we do is not right for everyone. There are two main disadvantages to our Telemarketing Virtual Assistants (compared to hiring an in-house staff or other outsourced call center solution):

  • You must provide the call lists (or hire our research Virtual Assistants to compile a list for you)
  • Sudden campaign and / or script changes can take longer to implement than with an in-house team

Ultimately, for nearly all businesses the advantages of hiring AdminBetter for our Telemarketing Virtual Assistants & Call Center solutions far outweigh the disadvantages. We eliminate most of the management & training requirements of operating a successful outbound telemarketing campaign. Plus, we meticulously track results and constantly optimize for better performance.

How To Get The Best Results With Your Telemarketing

The most important factor to getting excellent results with your outsourced Telemarketing Virtual Team is its inclusion as just one component of a well-rounded marketing mix. Becoming overly reliant on any one marketing tactic (like telemarketing) is risky, so the best bet is to consider your Telemarketing Virtual Assistant as just another tool for generating new inbound sales leads.

We make it easy for you to follow-up on hot leads, by providing real-time lead data whenever new potential prospects have been identified. This will allow you to seamlessly integrate your telemarketing leads into your pre-existing sales process & ensure a high closing ratio. However, it goes without saying that you will need to be sure to follow-up with these leads!

While it is possible for us to do so, especially if your sales process is relatively simple, our Telemarketing Virtual Assistants are rarely tasked with closing deals. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to ensure you have a system in place to close sales with as many of your telemarketing sales leads we provide as possible.

Getting Started With Our Telemarketing Services.

If you have any lingering questions on exactly how to use our service, please contact us (or chat with us live on the site) to find out exactly how we might be able to help.

And remember: the first step is to request a free outsourcing consultation. Regardless of your specific requirements, we’ll help you figure out the best way to use Virtual Assistants in your business – with no commitment or obligation to proceed.