Outsourcing Consultation

What's An Outsourcing Consultation?

  • 20 - 40 Minutes Phone / Skype Call
  • You'll receive the undivided attention of a full-time outsourcing expert, for a minimum of 20 - 40 minutes live on call, to get feedback & advising on the following...

  • Diagnostic Opportunity Assessment
  • Your expert will ask several questions about your business, work-force, and operations. From your answers, we'll begin highlighting outsourcing activities to consider.

  • Process Outsourcing Recommendations
  • Once your expert has carefully examined the current situation in your business, we'll recommend potential courses of action, including itemized costs & rewards.

  • Ongoing Follow-Up & Advisory ... Free!
  • Even if you don't become an AdminBetter client, our outsourcing experts are happy to keep helping & advising you on outsourcing related topics ... at no cost!