About AdminBetter

Who: Co-Founders Nadeem Farooqi & Marshall Hatfield

AdminBetter (or Admin Better) evolved out of necessity.

Similar to its sister company, SalesChat, AdminBetter was created by co-founders Marshall Hatfield & Nadeem Farooqi as a response to overwhelming demand for this exact type of service. In fact, years before AdminBetter was even conceptualized as a stand-alone provider, all of its services were being regularly delivered to SalesChat clients due to consistent requests for the very same Administrative Support solutions offered here.

When SalesChat reached a point where revenues from Virtual Assistant & Admin Support services began surpassing revenues from the underlying Pay-Per-Lead Live Chat Support, it became glaringly obvious that demand for a high quality, cost-effective, and trust-worthy remote staffing solution was through the roof! A large portion of SalesChat clients complained that they couldn’t find anyone to provide the type of outsourced support we offered who were anywhere near as trust-worthy or reliable as the SalesChat back-office team.

Hence, AdminBetter was born!

What: Expert Trained & Managed Remote Staff Solutions

After the warm reception and acceptance of SalesChat’s unique Pay-Per-Lead Live Chat solution among service providers around the United States, word quickly spread that the company’s access to top-notch human resources and skilled management could deliver much more than just performance pay live chat services. In fact, thanks to Co-Founder Nadeem Farooqi’s well connected position in the Karachi marketplace, it wasn’t long before the “SalesChat” team was delivering far more than the live chat services upon which the brand was built…

Thanks to a well managed & highly disciplined human resources department, AdminBetter has created a diverse team of specialists in one of the world’s best labor markets. Considering its pairing of a well educated and extremely motivated workforce with some of the lowest labor costs in the world, it is no surprise that Karachi is the “next big thing” when it comes to outsourced back-office staff. However, as any “ad hoc” outsourcer knows … hiring & managing a remote staff can be a difficult and extremely costly process.

Why: Outsourcing To Keep Your Focus On The Bottom Line

Interviewing & hiring the right remote workers for your specific task is only half the battle. When it comes to managing a virtual team of workers spread around the globe, each with their own unique location & work environment, the headaches are never-ending. Take it from veteran outsourcer & Co-Founder Marshall Hatfield: the cost of outsourcing & hiring mistakes can add up… fast!

Mr. Hatfield has managed a diverse array of companies with all-virtual teams for over a decade. From simple single-service offerings to complex advertising agencies, Hatfield has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on remote labor forces, often cutting profits dangerously thin when labor disputes & failed contractor costs added up faster than new revenue growth. AdminBetter is here to eliminate those risks for you.

Whether you’re an experienced veteran of the perils and pitfalls inherent in labor arbitrage, or you’re just starting out in your efforts to outsource tasks to a cost-effective “virtual” team … AdminBetter will eliminate the risk so you can keep your attention where it needs to be: on running your business & focusing on the bottom line!